Donna Sullivan

Short blonde hair cut, short hair cutting specialist Donna Sullivan Award Winning Hair Dresser Robina Gold Coast

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Donna is truly an artist and creative genius when it comes to hair especially cutting short hair ! Since she has been my hairdresser I have lost count of how many people compliment my hair and say I love your haircut ! Who cuts your hair?? Thank you for transforming my fried tragic hair into a style I love !! Your the best Donna!! Thank you

Lisa Nambo

Hi Donna,

Just wanted to let you know I've been getting lots of compliments on my hair since my last haircut. The colour is great, and the cut really suits my face. You're a wizard at cutting short hair!

Thanks for seeing me through all my stages, from dying my hair for years before letting it go its natural (grey) colour, then lately having the blonde through it because I needed a change from grey - have had positive comments at every stage.

Thanks for all your skilled hairdressing. I'm so glad you work on the Gold Coast.


Margaret Reichelt

Hi Donna,


Just back to work after my appointment with you today, wow I am so happy with the colour, blowdry etc. So just thought I would email you to thank you again for looking after me so well. I really appreciate you advising me on everything to do with my hair, ranging from best products to use, blowdrying techniques and how to manage my frizzy hair so as I don’t have to be continually washing it every day. Love the colour after having a half head of foils as well.


Just one more thing, I am really happy with the way you have cut a few layers in the top just to give me that extra bounce and body. You have been my favourite hairdresser for many many years, so just a little thank you as sometimes I may forget to say it.


Best wishes

Sandra Mitchell

Hi Donna,

I would just like to say thankyou for all the hairstyles and fashion advice that you have given me over years, you are someone that I can rely on to always provide excellence.. You are a truly inspiring person and hairdresser and someone that I have always looked up to .... Christine :)

Hi Donna,

Just thought I’d drop you a note to say how pleased I have been with the colour and cut of my hair over the past twelve months.

I am often stopped and asked “who does your hair” and it is a pleasure giving your name to others.

Thank you also for listening to my concerns about my colour and putting a plan in to place to achieve the effect I have desired for so long before meeting you.

Regards Christine Norris Robina Qld

Award Winning


Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for consistently making my hair look healthy and amazing over the years! I always get so many compliments on the colour and cut of my hair and I thought I should let you know. I think back to when I used to dye my own hair at home, and laugh now about that disastrous blonde dye I did on myself... and how you expertly fixed my hair. I have never touched a box dye ever since! I particularly loved the balayage / ombre look we recently did, such an easy look to maintain and my hair feels amazing and healthy. You are far and away the best hairdresser on the Gold Coast!

Julie-Ann Nelson

Short Hair Cut & Colour Specialist

Ten Years ago I landed in QLD and walked into Donna’s  very capable hands with a very rough head of hair.  Thick, tangly and lots of it.  Over the years Donna has (honestly) advised, mentored and carried me through many years of exemplary service and colour/cut advice.   She is one of THE very best cutters and colourists I have met and now having had to leave QLD I miss her expertise and friendship so much.  To the point where I’m now endeavouring to make the trip North -  life’s too short to settle for less!

Billee McGregor.

Hello Donna,

THANK YOU so much for making my hair amazing.

I went in with tears and come out loving myself sick, hahah.

Honestly the best hair colour I have ever had, I can not thank you enough.

Lana Harrison. x x

Hi Donna,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love love love my new short hair cut, I have been wanting to cut my long hair off into a short style for many years but was always too scared and you gave me the confidence to go for it. I loved the sound of all the hairstyles you suggested so I guess there are many more looks for me to come.

Thanks agian!!!

Rachel Barr


I have to tell you, I LOVE my new cut and colour, I never thought blonde would suit me and everyone loves it, they all say I look younger so you are now my new best friend! It's nice to be able to go to a hairdresser that can recommend new idea's so thankyou so much.

Melissa Andrews

Dear Donna,

I searched all over the Gold Coast for and expert in cutting short hair and when I came across your website I knew I had struck gold and making it even more exciting you were located in my very own suburb, Robina, very convenient for me.

I have very difficult hair to cut and it takes a very specialised and experienced hairdresser to do so. I am extremely happy with my hair and I hope you don't retire anytime soon.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Rhonda Shore.

Hi Dons,

You have been doing my hair for many years and you know I always love it but this new look you gave me is out of this world, it is my favourite look so far. Even though I have to take time off work to come and see you it is totally worth it.

See you in a few weeks.

Sarah Bradshaw.

Hi Donna,

Little note to telll you I absolutely love my new hair cut, I have been trying to find the right hairdresser for quite a while that would cut my hair into a short style. I have had very long hair for many years and found that hairdressers always tried to talk me out of cutting it off which just made me think that they didn't have the confidence or expertise to do it. I loved how you were confident and keen to cut it off to the very short style I wanted.

I am really glad I noticed one of your clients walking through Robina Town Centre and when I saw her hair I just had to go up to her and ask who cut it, great walking advertisment.

I am looking forward to my next hair cut with you.


Angela Craig

Dear Donna,

When I had my very first booking with you I wasn’t really sure about the styles you had suggested and I was very nervous but after going with your recommendation I was very happy and haven’t looked back. I have never been able to stick with a hairdresser as long as I have stuck with you so you must be doing something right.

Kay Kennett

Dear Donna

I just want to thank you so much for all of the fantastic haircuts you've given me over the past twenty years!!! You are definitely the best cutter on the Gold Coast!! I've especially loved the short styles you've given me.

I would highly recommend you to everyone, and of course I do 😀


Emma Altschwager

Hi Donna,

Thanks again for the fantastic cut and colour, I’m getting many compliments on my hair.

See you in the salon soon.

Mandy Harris


Hi Donna,

Thanks so much for my awesome style cut and colour. I'm really happy with my new look, and my husband just loves my new do!

So easy to look after, and my hair looks so healthy. Cant wait to see you again in 5 or so weeks time for my next appointment.


Hi Donna,

It was so good to meet you the other day, I am really glad I found your ad in the Gold Coast Magazine, I have been searching for a long time to find the right person that can cut my difficult hair and after the hair cut you gave me the other day I now know I have found the right hairdresser for me.

Thank you so much.

Denise Richardson

Hi Donna,

My cut and colour are perfect as always!  Before meeting you, going to the hairdresser (with curly hair) was a nightmare, but you make it so easy and relaxing.  I always get compliments on my hair and even my brother recently commented on how good my hair looks!  Thanks for all of your guidance over the years and always doing a great job - you're the best!


To honestly achieve the very best with your own style it is paramount to have the best balance with hair and makeup..Donna has the knack of knowing exactly what cut and style suits each individual's bone structure and skin tone..their are very few stylists today that can take a woman who has been (comfortable) but not always happy with her ..look...and give her a fresh and different structure to her appearance ..I have watched Donna and been a huge fan as she has rose to the ranks of being one of the most celebrated hair and makeup artists ..I was for many years a senior consultant for Yves Saint Laurent and have always recommended Donna for any woman considering to seek a truly professional approach to look the very best they can for whatever special event is coming up in their diary ...I don't know of any stylists that has won as many awards as she has 75 last count and won the prestigious accolade of Hairdresser of the year unless you are at the top of your game ..Helen Sellar

Dear Donna,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my new short hair cut, I am so glad I found your ad in Get It Magazine. I have been looking for a long time for someone on the Gold Coast that can cut short hair as well as you can.

Thankyou so much.

Susan Bailey

HI Donna,

Just a note to say how much I love the feel of my new healthy hair. I just love the Screen Replex Treatment, it has made the world of difference to my long unhealthy hair, it feels real again like when I was younger. I can see the improvement to come if I keep up with these treatments. My cut and colour is fantastic too, I love how my long layers are now blended so nicely.

Thanks so much, can’t wait to see you again soon.

Jessy Gray.

Dear Donna,

I am sending you this email to let you know how very happy I am with the new look you gave me. I am so glad I have made the change to short hair, it is so easy to style and look after. I look forward to my next trip down to the Gold Coast to get my hair done.

Kind regards.

Meryl Browne

Hi Donna,

I am so glad I found you after noticing a beautiful hair cut on a lady walking through Robina Town Centre and getting the courage to go up to her and ask her, who cuts your hair?

I was worried about moving from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and having to find a new hairdresser. It has made me happy to know I found the right hairdresser on the first go and I didn’t have to have any bad experiences and then have to wait months for my hair to grow out before I could try someone new. Even better you are located in my suburb Robina which is very convenient for me.

I love my cut and colour and actually it is the best cut I have ever had, I will be recommending you to everyone. My mum will be booking in with you soon.

Thank you so much.

Amanda Wright.

My dearest of the dearest Donna!

I just had to write this! I am so happy, I am so in love with my hair, and it is all thanks to your beautiful self!

I went through a true hair tragedy thanks to one  very misfortunate colouring which ‘side-effects’ seemed to be never ending. Bleached hair went green so it was bleached and bleached again and again. Unfortunately, the only thing at the time that was changing with my constant salon visits, and hair tortures, was hairdressers ;( hair, on the other hand, remained unchangeably green ;(

I think you can still remember what condition my hair was in when I came to your salon for the first time, crying ;)

Anyway, what I want to say here is thanks to you and your amazing product - ScreenReplex (hopefully I properly spelled it ;D )- my hair feels so good. oh my god, I literally could not resist touching it after the visit at your salon. Not only does it look healthier but it also seems to be at least THREE times thicker!

After constant bleaching/bleach washes I lost 2/3 of my hair. Needless to say, with naturally super fine hair, this meant I have been pretty much hairLESS for the last couple of months.

Being almost bald, I was pretty much ashamed of my “hair remnants” and it did significantly affect my self-esteem ! Now, I am wearing my hair down every day and I love the way it looks. I cannot remember the last time I was feeling so good with myself ;)

I love you!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!


Basia, the Polish

Hi Donna,

The following is my latest experience which happened tonight so I thought it would be a good time to say I had recently turned eighty and had gone to an Al Fresco dinner at a restaurant with my family, during the meal a stranger interrupted the conversation and said: "Please excuse me, but I must say your hair is absolutely beautiful, I just had to tell you, by the way, I'm a hairdresser and it really is a stunning cut." I was thrilled and I must say this scenario is not an isolated case. 

All I can say is.... thank you Donna for the last fifteen years!!

See you tomorrow.

Ann Plint

Hi Donna WOW!

I wanted to let you know how much I love my fabulous new short hair cut.

I really enjoyed my appointment with you yesterday & great tips for blow drying, thank you for listening to my concerns & addressing them, it's been a very LONG time since I have been wowed & love my hair.


My family are tough critics & they also gave the tick of approval (they are tough crowd to please)

I look forward to our next appointment

Happy holidays to you & your family.

Tanya Layden

Hi Donna,

I just wanted to send to send you this message to let you know how happy I am with the fabulous short hair cut you gave me, I was really nervous about cutting my long hair off for the first time, you came recommended highly and now I can see why.

Thanks again.

Rachel Mossey