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Screen Replex

Hair reconstructing treatment that prevents damage.

I just love using this product on my clients, we are able to push the limits further when lightening the hair while keeping strength and condition. Screen Replex is a two part treatment that strengthens, repairs and seals the disulphide bonds in the hair while a chemical service is being performed reducing damage.

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Short Hair

As another summer approaches it could be a time for a change to a bold new hairstyle. Long hair can become dry and damaged and as a result may require lots of time spent on treatment and management. A great way to get the change you're after is to make the change to short hair.

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Special Occasion Hair & Makeup

Beautiful waves for a special occasion hair do are always classic.

When Roshan came to me she had very damaged dry ends, she had neglected her hair and tortured it with the straightening irons but with a little attension and some client education Roshan can now look after her hair to keep it looking it's best.

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Going Pink!

Need a little change to your bleach blonde hair?

Why not try a little pink! A soft pink toner could be a great way to give you a temporary new look for that night out or special occasion.

It’s a great look for short hair, long hair, any sort of hair. This sort of toner may only last one to two weeks depending how often it is washed.

To get an all over even finish this type of colour would need to be done over a full head bleach.

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The Three Must Haves

To keep your hair looking its best, moisture and protection comes first.

Hair is always being tortured by the elements, hair colour, sun, wind, heat from styling utensils and blowdrying.

When the hair gets dry and damaged it loses its elasticity and therefore does less of what we want it to do when styling. Once the elasticity has been damaged the hair does not retain its original body and will become more straight. For example, curly hair will change its form. You may also find that hair being blowdried may not take shape as well as it did before, no matter how hard you try to style it.

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Fine Hair Specialist

Have you been looking for the right hairdresser that specialises in fine hair cutting?

Fine hair requires a special touch, precise cutting is needed to  blend and ensure no lines are visible. Many years of experience has given me this touch.

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Hairdresser Robina

Donna Sullivan Award Winning Hairdresser

Specialising in short hair cutting and colouring.

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