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The Three Must Haves

To keep your hair looking its best, moisture and protection comes first.

Hair is always being tortured by the elements, hair colour, sun, wind, heat from styling utensils and blowdrying.

When the hair gets dry and damaged it loses its elasticity and therefore does less of what we want it to do when styling. Once the elasticity has been damaged the hair does not retain its original body and will become more straight. For example, curly hair will change its form. You may also find that hair being blowdried may not take shape as well as it did before, no matter how hard you try to style it.

The first step is to moisturise and protect your hair after every wash before you start blowdrying and styling.

The three products I use to condition and protect my clients hair are:

1. Revitafoam

Revitafoam is a detangling foam that moisturises the hair and makes it easy to comb through. It will leave your hair feeling silky soft without weighing it down or leaving any residue.

2. Daily Control

Daily control is a lightweight spray in oil that adds moisture to close the opened cuticle of the hair, leaving it with a smoother surface that will reflect the light and add shine. It is highly moisturising and will completely change the texture of the damaged hair, making it easier for the brush to slide through and make hair more manageable.

3. Blow by Blow

Many talents all in one, a little bottle of magic.

Blow by Blow is a quick dry anti static blowdry lotion, it adds shine condition, detangles and moisturises, has a slight control hold and built in heat protection.

By expelling water from the hair this product cuts the blowdrying time down by quite a substantial amount.

The clients are loving this product and it doesn't just do all of the above, it does more!

It makes curly hair blowdry straighter and smoother so much that some of my clients no longer use the straightening irons after their blowdry. Clients have said their blowdry's have lasted longer and held the shape better. They also say that the humidity has not made their hair frizz when this product has been used.

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